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WARNING: If you have received an email about mystery shopping for Western Union, it is a scam. Someone is using our company name and the name of an employee to try to legitimatize their actions. We are NOT associated with this scam in anyway.

We offer three distinct approaches to optimum solutions. Customized programs help you identify and gain the greatest market share. The key to your success is the key to ours. Your goal to distinguish your company, your product, your service is what drives our business. Our expertise is garnered from decades of commitment to excellence in the marketing industry.  Be it merchandising, intercepts or audits the team at AIM Field Service has the knowledge and dedication to provide results that give you the marketing advantage you need.

  • Audits –  shelf studies, mystery shopping, competitive pricing, sales tracking
  • Research – Qualitative, quantitative or multi-faceted, CLT, Focus Groups, Mock Juries, Ethnographic Studies, Recruiting
  • Intercepts – IDIs, Onsite Intercepts
  • Merchandising – POG setup and maintenance, Item/category management
  • Sets/Resets – Sections to fixturing
  • Sales/education – Retail representation and route sales, Minority Studies at Research Niche Marketing
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